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Welcome to the website of

Silke Celeste Mehler :

I love to move for and with people. 

It is my greatest dream to be energetically inspiring to us, to cleanse out uninspired efforts and instead discover the true inspiration about having a physical experience, moving and transforming into the greatest versions of ourselves to let our souls shine, truly and from deep within without. 

To support us in this waking dream

I offer weekly group classes,

masterclasses and events:

- ashtanga vinyasa

- inversion method

- acroyoga

- assisted stretching / partneryoga

- contemporary dance

- modern ballet

- (contact) improvisation

- ecstatic dance


If so desired, we can schedule private sessions,

so I can adapt our work

to your particular needs and wishes.

Furthermore, I am forever excited to share sparks of inspiration

creating or collaborating with 

(life) dance or acroyoga performances

or explorative artistic project ideas.

Thank you for your enthusiasm to collaborate in

creating meaningful life experiences!

About Us

About Me

"Life is a dance of consciousness creating experiences.

May our experiences be of increasing joy and ecstasy of aliveness!"


Here I am, ever evolving towards greater truth, being all-one and with you. 

Moving together enhances the feathers, flying like birds, releasing past hurts, dancing and singing to color this earth. 

The clown is the wisest, he knows how to guide it, the play of the day in the perfected way.


If you like to dance or yoga together, please send me a letter, can be new-fashioned ways, WhatsApp, email, books of face.

I collected some goodies to brighten up the moodies.

(If you cry on the way, this is also ok. Tears are signs of the heart being vibrant and intact.)


A little list of references of my skills, so you know what you can get more of if you will:

- Bachelor of Dance AHK Amsterdam, De Theaterschool, Contemporary Dance, Ballet, Theatre, Improvisation, Instant Composition

- Teacher Certificate of Acroyoga International (, including Immersions, Inversions and Fun Community games

- Teacher Certificate of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), including purifying sweats and clarifications

- Certificate Thai Yoga Massage and TCM-Shiatsu, featuring many years of giving well appreciated oil massages intuitively


- C-exam Church music and the ever evolving experimental creation of soundscapes for performance, dance and videoworks

   as well as life experience upgrading mantra habits

If this inspires you, make a move.

Find schedules about my regular teaching offers and events on this website, or check my posts on Facebook

Find my Acroyoga teacher profile here:

Find my google Photo Gallery:

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